Izchak thinks that if he had tried a little harder, he could have won the race.

The long walk tired me out.

Nancy is afraid of dogs.

It was very cold, so they stayed at home.


If the birds of prey want someone's blood, if they want to go on draining the Brazilian people, I offer my life as a holocaust.


Love appears over the horizon.

When do you want me to send these invitations to our customers?

I love the trunk.

She left Tokyo for New York yesterday.

I want the young members to be more active.

How are we going to convince Mara?

You seem to have a crush on Donne.

Where do you think Laurent got it?

Has anybody here ever been to Boston?

Hurry up or you'll be late.

I want freedom.

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She doesn't understand you.


Lucy met Leigh.

You will be in charge of the babies in this room.

The market is next to the pharmacy.

I understand you're visiting from America.

Don't ever say that again.

What was she doing there?

Tricia and Gretchen went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Apparently, Marion didn't notice anything wrong.

You're the teacher.

This was recommended to me by Shean.

Kyle came back Monday morning.

Slartibartfast was very lucky.

Tad wanted to drive, but since he was drunk, Donovan wouldn't let him.

Do we have to tell them?

I like the way you speak.

The sun, moon, and stars are all part of the universe.

She aspired to become an actress.

There aren't enough chairs in the conference room.

Go and wake him up.

They concluded that he was lying.

He showed great reverence towards the pictures of the god.


I tricked them.

No, I don't want to.

'Technical difficulties' is never a good-enough excuse for failures to deliver.

Please tell me which of the two cameras is better.

What makes us human?

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Her daughter is not the same since she saw a ghost.

I'm against the marriage.

She was absent from the club activities.

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I'm taking good care of Emmett.

It'll happen again.

I cannot start till six o'clock.

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I, too, am not a student.

We did well today.

Why did you go home?

Everyone thinks you're dead.

Would you teach me?

Stop complaining so much, and do something constructive!

I don't speak Estonian.

I don't think I'm the person you're looking for.

Where's the up-escalator?

I suggest that you see Mr White.

I'm going to go tell Bobby that you're back.

He's always complaining that he doesn't have time for anything.

You know we'd never hurt you.


He knows how to anger his sister.


Do you think it'll make a difference?


Ramiro really is submissive, isn't he?


There was once a time when most people didn't know who Christopher Columbus was, but then he was born.


He had plenty of money for his trip.


Yesterday we went into a huge maze.


How can I succeed in getting a date with Nancy?

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A balloon is ascending into the sky.

Don't blame this on her.

I suggest you study French.

This is the hospital where I was born.

Whatever we may undertake, diligence is important.

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My husband likes to have a drink in the evening. He drinks 6 or more bottles of sparkling wine and 5 or 6 bottles of warm sake. Sometimes he has a day where he doesn't drink, but it has never lasted for more than two days.

This letter is personal, and I don't want anyone else to read it.

I burned it.


We nearly missed the train.

I can be fair.

Can I get your number?

He died at the age of 70.

He's a close friend of mine.

Sonja wasn't around to see who won.

Manjeri gave Michael a quick kiss.

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Is air travel becoming dangerous?

Climate change is a global problem.

He read his books until midnight.


You are bright and glowy this morning.


Please wait a moment.


Are you sure Leigh can't hear us?

I didn't send Emil anywhere.

Marine plants grow on the sea bed.

Debbie was taken by surprise.

I didn't know this thing!

I'm really proud of that.

The dog wants to sleep.

We used to think that was why this kind of thing happened.

Jerrie is too old for Krzysztof.

What's this lecture about?

You have done a good job. I'll take my hat off to you.

She encouraged her children to learn Finnish.

Tell me why you are upset.

Dory seems to be ready to go.

I can speak French and also Spanish.

Spock often wears long skirts.

It was not until the baby was fed that he stopped crying.

Squirrels eat acorns.

It is easy to form a plan, but it is difficult to carry it out.

I adore going to the cinema.

We need to stay focused.

I'll see you at the meeting room in half an hour.

Stuart can't decide whether to buy a new computer now or wait for a couple of more months.


Joseph walks very slowly.


That mattress needs to be aired out.

Matthew speaks French, doesn't he?

This is your community.


We haven't tried the drug out on humans yet.

Crystals of many colors and sizes were scattered across his desk.

It is kind of you to drive me home.

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I was in China last year.

I'm going to throw up.

Neville is an excellent lawyer.


I'm done making excuses.

You answer questions so well.

Six men came forward to volunteer for the work.


I am Wang Wei.

I've been engaged twice.

The project is behind schedule and over budget.

The cat is drinking.

The elevators which are on the tail section are used to control the pitch of the plane.

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I agree with Brendan a hundred percent.

This door would not open.

Hazel doesn't want them.

Why would I want to spy on Mick for you?

I play piano.

I don't like the idea of Randall going out with Vickie.

I'm calling from Lindsey's mobile phone.


Even three centuries ago, most Western Europeans still used their fingers.

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Our teacher said: "Of course you can".

Oh man! I was sure this was going to work out.

She was vaccinated against polio.


Kamiya was revived with the use of a defibrillator.

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You're not going to get electrocuted just by directly touching a 1.5V battery.


Somehow, all those reasons sound rather far fetched.

Jack confused us.

They parted company.

You two are ridiculously silly.

Jayant walked across the field.


Hitoshi said that he doesn't care what other people think of him.

You and I shouldn't be talking.

I'm not scared of you anymore.

The bug looks and has sex.

That cut looks infected.

Why did you hit her?

For years Marina had been inspecting houses.

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He has a phobia of Jaffa Cakes.

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They were vulnerable.

Why don't you ride with me?

He can't walk now because he got injured in a traffic accident.

I have to get Oleg.

A secretarial post is open.

I want you to come to Boston.

Kids can be kids.